1. Baby Tooth - digital photograph

  2. instagram: @emmalucillepercy

  3. instagram: @emmalucillepercy


  4. Nicki + Spear + Audacity

  5. Rest & Reaching. 8”x10” prints from 35mm film.

    Thanks to Alene Houghton for being a great model after dance class!

  6. Shed. 9”x12”. menstrual blood on paper made from panties. 2014.

    Despite being the most normal, least violent, and least dangerous instance of blood leaving the body, menstruation is extraordinarily taboo. The experience is full of emotion and memory – a powerful cycle, linked even to our conception of the passing of time. Yet it is barely ever represented or discussed, and our understanding of reproductive health in general is still quite lacking. This drawing is a challenge to the shame, confusion, and disgust surrounding human bodies, women’s bodies in particular.

    The paper itself is linked to recovery from another kind of bodily anxiety – it was made from a pair of my underwear during one of the Peace Paper Project’s panty pulping workshops in 2013, a community based art therapy endeavor to support survivors and demand an end to all sexual and domestic violence.

    I have found that working with materials that are very close to me, whether that means my clothing or my blood itself, is part of a healing process as a woman and an artist in a misogynistic world, and a route towards finding home within my self.

  7. documenting my living space.

  8. Four of my prints (from a series of ten) that were in a recent show in the Turner Gallery at Alfred University. Each monoprint is of a body of water that has some personal significance to me.

    Clockwise from the top left:
    1. Genessee River
    2. Niagara River
    3. Moss Lake
    4. Rushford Lake

  9. Four 8x10 black and white prints - some of my first film photos!


    6”x6” - watercolor, thread, graphite, and colored pencil on paper

    For an upcoming show/auction at the Robert C. Turner Gallery called 6x6